Feelings of spring

Hi everyone welcome to here. Today is a bit cold but it is already in spring, and spring flowers have started to bloom little by little. So I have felt like making this.

I used PaperArtsy Jofy's stamps and Fresco Paint, Although I was going to make it with white background but I did feel restless, so I distressed it.
Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!!

Etsuko xxx


cards and tags

Hi everyone I have been away from here for a long time so sorry.
Today I will post few cards for 52 playing card facebook club and some tags.
First of all to post these cards.
week 7
I used Darcy's butterfly.

week 8 prompt6 Make Your Mark.
Stamp by Sandra Evertson

week 9 prompt4 Open and Transparent
Stamps by Paperartsy Hot picks

week10 prompt8 Home Sweet Home
I used Kate's college sheet and collaged.

week11 prompt9 How does your Garden grow?
Stamps by PaperArtsy  Darcy

I did not carefully read the previous posting rules, so I made it freely Lol!! 
From the week 8 we made it along the theme.

Tag 1--#10tag
Using PaperArtsy Jofy and Elena stamps.

Tag 2--#10tag
Jofy and Alison Bomber stamps.

Tag 3--#8tag
Solder the edges using a test tube plate.

Tag 4--#8tag
PaperArtsy--Emma and Elena stamps

Thank you so much stopping by see you soon.
Etsuko xxx


Week6 for the 52 Playing cards FB

Hi everyone!!  Thank you so much welcome to here.
It is snowing since morning, covering 2cm and melted so quickly lol. It's a crafting day!!!
I made 2 cards for the FB group.
The card used all leftover pieces and the blurred woman is the result of using rust powder.

The monster card for Valentine's day. I love the stamp( Elena's Mini ZN13 ) that he is so cute.

Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon!!
Etsuko xxx


Flaming Hearts frame and Coquille ring.

Hi everyone welcome to here.
I finished the Sandra's Flaming Hearts what I was making before hospitalization and quite big coquille ring by Coquille

Flaming Hearts frame using 4x4 wooden frame, I wanted cobalt blue on the heart and to finish the whole with a blue gradation.

The coquille ring made yesterday. At first I thought about making something accessories with this shellfish,  I planned a bracelet, necklace and ring but I decided to ring from the size. It was a bit big for a ring but I thought it was fun. 
I made it close to a shell color but one more thing I would like to have a bright color. 

Thank you so much stopping by see you soon!!

Etsuko xx

Birthday card day4.

Hi every one, A cold day continues here in Japan, how about in your country?
I made Birthday card day4 with fabulous Jofys stamp Jpfy53.
I used infusions for background and Jofy's flower's base. Also using Lin's stencil PS044 and Raquel's stamps ESC09, ESC04.

Thank you so much for dropping by, see you soon!!

Etsuko xxx


Birthday card for PATWITS Family.

Hi everyone!!
I have making to PATWITS Family's birthdaycards and I am planning to make 5 cards.
Day 1
I used Elena's stamp ZA13 and distress oxide.

Beautiful Raquel's stamp ESC04.

My favorite designer Lynne Perrella's stamp LPC027.

I will send more two card to England.
Thank you so much for dropping by, see you soon!!
Etsuko xxx

52 playing card.

Hi everyone.
So sorry I have not posted here for a little time, now I back!!
Today I will introduce 52 playing card in facebook hosted by Chris Cresswell.
(Her facebook is here) Everyone is making amazing works so please come and see them!! The rule is very simple....The take a pack of playing cards to create a whole set of mixed media mini art! One card needs to be completed each week for the entire year! 
Since we have already passed five weeks, I have posted my five cards.

I use different materials and stamps, but I am making with fun.
Thank you so much for stopping by, see you soon.
Etsuko xxx